Kamp Krust // Homegrown


Are endless videos from sunny days in Southern California and other far-flung, warm-weather locales starting to grate on you whilst you endure winter? Take a trip to our eastern shores to see how skateboarding looked for a smattering of Scotians late last summer.

Featuring Jesse Watson, Mitchell McFadgen, Luke Peters, Dylan Hennessy, Raven Cameron, Wesley Flemming, Kenny Williamson, Ryan Wilkie, Adam Joudrey, Justin Black, Vernon Grant, Morgan Nibbs, Jacob Titus, Andrey Griffin, Sam Steenbek, Dale Hussey, Jordan Porter, Daniel Patton, Jesse Campbell, Justin Henderson, Kyle Henderson, and Zach MacPhee.

Filmed in: The Lahave Bakery, Kentville, Darmouth, and Truro.


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