Dustin Harrison Interview

A transplant to Vancouver from the London, Ontario area, Dustin Harrison is one of the most motivated skaters and filmers that this writer has had the pleasure of befriending. Whether he’s squeezing oranges at the juice factory or packing boards at Centre, Dustin keeps the hustle flowing after the work day and hits the streets with the hunger of a true skate rat every evening. His brand new part is a testament to his work ethic, delivering a barrage of raw street shredding for your viewing pleasure.

Interview by Stepan Soroka

Your part is filmed entirely on VX. Can you tell us why you prefer this format to HD?
I like the VX for the 4:3 ratio. And there is something about skate videos made nowadays with newer cameras… we don’t want to see everything perfectly. There is something about that grain with the VX that makes it edgy and punk. That’s why I really like it. HD kind of makes things look smaller and slower.

[o] Kirby Maracle

You grew up studying the Zero video box set. If you could only watch one Zero video for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Fuck. Probably Strange World. Its not part of the box set, but it’s the video I was anticipating the most at the time. Knowing that that was the next thing to come out that was relevant, that a Canadian (Jamie Tancowny) was going to have the ender and go pro, that was a big one. The intro is super funny. The guy breaks his wrist and they tie it up with a porno mag.

Your footage gives off a strong Pat Burke vibe. Are you a fan of his skating?
I’ve never heard that and I like that a lot. Pat Burke is sick. When we were in Virginia, I was telling my friend that it would be so sick to bump into him at a spot, but we never had a Pat Burke sighting.

Which trick in your part was the biggest struggle, whether physically or psychologically?
Definitely the feeble down the seven. I thought I was going to be able to do more tricks there. I had previously tried it on a trip, and had to cut it short. I went back a year later to try it. It wasn’t the right day or something, and I had a mental breakdown. We ended up getting it, with a couple of hurt feelings from the friends. We all made up, but the madness can take control sometimes.

[o] Tyler DeBathe

You’re about to take off on a month-long road trip to California. What are you hoping to experience during your trip?
I’m trying to go into it like it’s just going to be a part of my everyday life, that it’s not this giant experience. I just want to be dialled, be ready to film at anytime, and pump any skatepark that we stop at. I’m hoping to get lots of clips, meet new people and make connections. I’m excited to see the history and stop at places like Embarcadero and Burnside that I’ve seen for years and years. To be able to drive there with my homie Ante Thompson, on a mission, makes me really excited.

[o] Kirby Maracle

Any shout outs or thank yous?
Shout out to my mom, Connie McGill, and all my friends and family. London Skateboard Co-Op, they just had there 10-year anniversary, and I’m thankful for all their years of support. Shout out to Skatanic Disciples, Ugly Griptape, Tropical Bolts, and all the skaters on the planet.

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