Rest In Peace, Keith Hufnagel

From the streets of New York City to the hills of San Francisco, and all the other stops throughout his life, Keith Hufnagel was a powerhouse on a skateboard. When it came to business and shaping our culture, it was clear that Keith always led with skateboarding. He was there to support skaters, and it was evident in everything he did that it was a guiding principle.

I’ll never forget meeting him working at the shop on Sutter in SF in 2005, grabbing a pair of Half Cabs for me, and then seeing him out skating later that night at City Hall. What other top pro was doing that?

Jump to 2010, and Keith was the guy replying to my email about ordering a couple of hats to Canada. Huf put the same effort into business as he put into skateboarding. He did what needed to be done, at every level.

Keep his family in your thoughts, be thankful for the impact he had on our culture, and spend some time tonight watching Huf ride a skateboard on video. Rest in peace, Keith. -Jeff Thorburn

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