CONS Project: Vancouver

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Converse CONS announces the arrival of CONS Project: Vancouver, a series of community projects designed to inspire the next generation of creative spirits through interactive skate, art, and music workshops. The Zenga Bros. who run a full-service film production studio and specializing in custom skateboard ramp construction; will be hosting the kickoff to this year’s series of CONS Project: Vancouver that will focus on “Building Skate Structures.”

Encouraging Vancouver’s next generation of creative artists, designers, and skaters to register, “Building Skate Structures” will teach local participants how to build skate obstacles including quarter pipes, ramps, ledges and more. Working collaboratively, builders, Benny Zenga and Christian Zenga, along with Menu Skateboard Shop will partner together to lead the daylong workshop with the help of Converse CONS Skate Ambassador, Quim Cardona.

As one element of the overarching North American CONS Project initiative, CONS Project: Vancouver is slated to activate alongside future workshops in key cities including Montreal and Toronto. This specialized program, geared towards the next generation of skate, art and music talents, offers extensive, hands-on workshops with renowned legends and up-and coming super stars at no cost.

Aspiring creative actives between the ages of 14 and 22 can apply for a slot at

“Building Skate Structures”

Saturday, August 15

11am to 5pm

Railtown, Vancouver

@conversecons #consproject #vancouver

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