CONS Project: Vancouver

After a successful year of CONS Projects in Toronto we were excited to be bring this series of global community workshops designed to inspire the next generation of creative spirits through interactive skate, art, and music seminars to Railtown in Vancouver, BC on Saturday, August 15th. Following an amazing day with a fantastic turnout of 45 attendees participants were led by an expert roster that included The Zenga Bros. who specialize in public sculpture and custom skateboard ramp construction.

Encouraging Vancouver’s next generation of creative artists, designers, and skateboarders “Building Skate Structures” taught local participants how to build the fundamentals of skate obstacles including quarter pipes, wedges, ledges and more. Working collaboratively, builders, Benny Zenga and Christian Zenga, along with partner, Menu Skateboard Shop and with the help of Converse CONS Skate Ambassador, Quim Cardona along with Canadian team riders Nick Moore and Matt Gravel during the daylong workshop.

As one element of the overarching North American CONS Project initiative, CONS Project: Vancouver is slated to activate alongside future workshops in key cities including Montreal and Toronto. This specialized program, geared towards the next generation of skate, art and music talents, offers extensive, hands-on workshops with renowned legends and up-and coming super stars at no cost.

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