Cons Project Toronto - Recap

Encouraging Toronto’s next generation of creative artists, designers, and skateboarders “Building Skate Structures” taught local kids how to build Skate-able art structures. Working collaboratively, builder, Dan Bergeron, along with partner, Blue Tile Lounge and with the help of Converse CONS Skate Ambassador, Kenny Anderson during the daylong workshop. Check the video of what happened, as well as click through to see a gallery.

Dan Bergeron demonstrated some of the many installments he’d done across Toronto. Look out for his shit.

Unspecified 13

Dan playing Dr. Frankenstein and showing how to build a monster. Nobody really knew how it would turn out.

Unspecified 16

Kenny “The Perfect Man” Anderson is great with his hands. Ask the ladies. Or, these pieces of wood. He measures up.

Unspecified 20

Taylor Johnston actually didn’t any work other than this ollie. Classic Hamilton

Unspecified 24

Frankenstein itself! For such a crazy idea (design based off similar architecture as the ROM) the thing really turned out sick. Unique, skateable, sharp. You can find it at Dufferin Grove for the rest of eternity.

Unspecified 32

At the end of the day, was a great event with great people. Kids were stoked, fed, and raring to skate the Frankenbox. Thanks again to Converse Cons and everyone involved! Until next time. 

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