CONS Project MTL

Converse Cons Project a series of global community workshops designed to inspire the next generation of creative spirits through interactive skate, art, and music seminars arrived in Montreal, QC on Saturday, October 24th with a free “Building Skate Structures” workshop as part of Cons Project: Montreal.. Following an amazing day with a fantastic turnout of 45 attendees, participants were led by accomplished ramp designer, Phil Daoust of Projet 45.

Encouraging Montreal's next generation of creative artists, designers, and skaters “Building Skate Structures” taught local participants how to build concrete skate structures from transitions, wedges, ledges and more. Working collaboratively, with Phil Daoust along with retail partner, Empire and the help of Converse Cons Skate Ambassador, Brian Delatorre.

This specialized program, geared towards the next generation of skate, art and music talents, offers extensive, hands-on

workshops with renowned legends and up-and coming super stars at no cost.

Cons 0023usethisone
Brian delatorre sw ollie

Brian Delatorre - switch ollie 

Cons 0001

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Cons 0028
Ian clelland bluntshuv

Ian Clelland - blunt shove

Mackenzie carruthers crook transfer to fakie

Mackenzie Carruthers - Crook Transfer To Fakie

Brian delatorre noseslide transfer

Brian Delatorre -Noseslide Transfer

Cons 0025

We hope everyone learned something. Can't wait to see what you guys make. Until next time. Thanks Cons!

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