All Aboard - Trailer

Song: Heads - Close Talker

Freight hopping was once common in North America amongst impoverished settlers looking to escape west in search of wealth and promise. Four skateboarding tramps set out to recreate these journeys of past hobos by traveling through American cityscapes on skateboards and countrysides on trains, living their self-coined “Hobobian” life.

Warm days of this simple living and freedom roll by, like a westbound railcar packed with hopeful vagrants. These carefree days are punctuated only by the freezing, sleepless, and vulnerable nights within the urban sprawl. Beds, showers, toilets and locked doors are simple luxuries that Hobobians cannot often afford. They have nowhere to return to each night and carry their lives on their backs, as they fully embrace the highs and lows of street culture.

Watch as they cope with not only the stresses of living as a street person, but also as first time train-hoppers trying to make their way from Florida to California. The adventures of these young vagabonds are apprehended in the full-length documentary, All Aboard, while they try not to be!


Ryan Fyfe-Brown

Jordan Marowitch

Marcus Samji

Dale Bailey

Filming and editing by Dale Bailey

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