Vans Unveils Massive New Street Section at Montreal’s Olympic Park Skatepark

Annie Guglia, nosegrind - Ryan Lebel Photo

Vans Canada and the Montreal Olympic Park are proud to announce the second phase of their Vans Skatepark, with the unveiling of a massive 10,000 m2 street course. The new section features a diverse range of obstacles for skateboarders of all skill levels, complementing the pro-level 900 m2 concrete bowl that was originally built for the Vans Park Series in 2019.

“The objective is to offer skateboarders of all ages and all skill levels a best in class facility, where they can be active, express themselves and develop their creativity. In combining sport and creativity, we believe skateboarding can contribute to maintaining good physical and mental health. With a diverse range of obstacles and features, we want to give all Montrealers the opportunity to dig into skateboard culture, whether they’re already part of the Montreal Skate Community, are interested in trying skateboarding for the first time, or simply want to watch.” — Alex Auchu, Marketing Manager at Vans Canada.

The construction was financed in two phases by Olympic Park and by a sponsorship from Vans. The Park finances these investments within the framework of its Investment and Building plan to the tune of
$8 M. The first phase of restoration of the paving of the esplanade in the 900 sector, which was completed during 2017-2019, included among other items the installation of the skate bowl and the addition of structural support elements for it. The second phase of the work, began in August 2020 and finalized in June 2021, includes the restoration of the paving around the skate bowl and the sealing of the area, the addition of the new street features as well as the revitalization of the fountains around the skatepark.

The skatepark was designed by Vans in collaboration with internationally-recognized design and build firm, California Skateparks, offering residents of Montreal a world class facility and one of the best places to practice skateboarding in Canada.

“A few years ago, the Park made the decision that each time we restored a facility of the Olympic Park, we would ask ourselves: Is what we are doing just copy/paste or are we taking the opportunity to improve the infrastructure? For the paving of the 900 level and the pond beside it we took the opportunity to create a skatepark of international quality, which will be open to boarders from the neighbourhoods, but also to high-level athletes as well as international competitions. We also took the opportunity to rehabilitate a first water pond (phase 1) as it was imagined and designed by Robert Taillibert in 1976. This skatepark is a practical project which fully fits in with our new mission of development and improvement of the Olympic Park.” — Michel Labreque, President and CEO of Olympic Park.

“It is really something special to have access to facilities of such variety and quality, here at home in Montreal. It will be a good place to allow young people to get into the skateboarding culture, surrounded by others who share their passion. It is truly a beautiful gift to the community. It is thanks to initiatives like these that our sport continues to develop.” — Annie Guglia, Vans Skateboarding Athlete and Athlete Representative / Board Member of Canada Skateboard.

The new addition to the Vans Skatepark at the Montreal Olympic Park officially opened June 21 to celebrate international Go Skateboarding Day.

The park is located off Sherbrooke Street in the 900 sector of the Esplanade section of the Olympic Park and is open for free, seven days a week, sunrise to sundown.

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