Don't Waste Time Magazine - Issue 5

Jackson Toone recently released issue 5 of Don't Waste Time Magazine and we had a little chat with him about the upgrades he brought to his zine in the last year and to showcase some of his favourite photos form the issue.

DWT started in late 2019 as a zine, with the purpose to showcase my favourite photos from the year. After I put out the first issue, I realized that I quite enjoyed the process. Over time, it became bigger and bigger, and with the help of local shops, friends and skaters from across the globe, it evolved into the magazine it is today. The main goal of DWT is to promote and spread skateboarding and skate culture to as many people as possible.
Going into the summer of 2021, I knew that I wanted the fifth issue to be special. My plan was to transition away from a zine and into more of a magazine through an upgrade in print quality, size, and content. It was June and I had just released Issue 4 in the middle of a lockdown. Now, as things were opening back up again, I knew if I wanted to make my ambitious plans a reality I would have to get out and shoot several times a week. After months and months of work, in December, I released the fifth issue of the magazine at a contest at The Edge Indoor Skatepark. Currently, a couple of months after the issue came off the press, I figured I’d share the stories behind some of my favourite shots from Issue 5.

Cover: Fane Smeal Flip Front Board Woods Angler
This year Woods security was no joke, but the Sk8 Skates crew prevailed and ended up stacking a number of gnarly NBDs throughout the warmer months. In late summer, after a few kickouts and laps around the block, Fane flips into a front board at the lesser-skated end of Woodsworth. I thought the first flip-in on the infamous Woods angler was deserving of a spot on the cover.
Carson Jensen Back Boneless
The Winnipeg skyline far in the distance, Carson puts on a show at twilight at one of the more hidden spots Manitoba has to offer, rolling away from a backside boneless just as the sun falls below the horizon.
Brad Giesbrecht Back Tail Bigspin
The ledge was too crusty for grinds, but it sure slides great! Brad opts for a steezy back tail bigspin at an almost-perfect spot.
Erik Penton Back Boardslide
It’s not often you need to bring a socket set on the spot to tighten the rail down. But after a quick fixer-upper and de-knob earlier in the week, Erik pops high onto a back board on this twisted c-rail. The owners of the building can’t complain when we’re literally fixing up their property. Plus who wants annoying bumps on your handrail anyway?
Isaiah Parisian on Sk8 Skates
After hundreds of attempts on the fifth time back, Isaiah, caked, exhausted, and defeated smiles in his triumph, not of land, but a reward for his hard work, a place on the Sk8 Skates team. Sometimes an unsuccessful battle tells more of a person’s character than a first try land, and hey, there’s always next time…

Don’t Waste Time is available at a variety of skateshops across Canada, online at and by DM @dwtskatemag 

Stay tuned for the next issue, coming summer 2022.

Words and photos by Jackson Toone

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