Recently, Dickies Skateboarding held their second Framework Workshop at SPIN Skatepark in Montreal. Over 40 participants showed up, full of great energy and engagement throughout the day. Contributor Ryan Lebel was on hand to document the action. Check out the video here.

Start with a plan.
Plus a whole lot of concrete.
Pencils are closer to skateboards than pens are.
Like glue, but even more fun.
A typical garage sight.
Ready to shred or just hanging while on the mend, the kids showed up in full force.
Sign on the dotted line.
Listen, listen, listen.
They probably wouldn't put their hands up to do the dishes at home, but they were happy to get involved here.
Learn from the masters.
Get in where you fit in.
Not an ad.
Little joiners.
More fun than a glue gun.
Before you skate it, you've gotta build it.
Devan Predas glides through a Halfcab Boardslide as a means of solidifying a bond.
Kyle Macdonald celebrates the fruits of a labourious day with a Backside Noseblunt Slide.
Go get some!

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