Yeah Sure, I'll Go

Words and photos by Michael Kazimierczuk

That was my response after getting a phone call from the guys at Kingshit a week before this trip was supposed to happen. Three flights and 24 hours of travel later, I landed in the Canary Islands solo. As I pulled up to the address that was given to me the day prior to meet up with the guys, I soon realized I was specified no apartment number to what seemed to be an easy 50 unit condo. With no phone service or way to contact anyone, randomly buzzing households at 11 pm on a Sunday night was perhaps not the greatest idea. 45 minutes later, with no luck and dozens of Spaniards angry with me, two lovely older ladies walking their dog took pity on my luggage and I sitting in rain and helped a lost tourist out. 

Spot map
Jake cormier fs wallride

Knowing nothing but my flight itinerary and the small group of guys involved on the trip, I had no expectations of what was in store for the next 18 days. Once I found Charles Deschamps, Jake Cormier, Johnny Purcell, Will Marshall, and Jordan Moss sitting at a local bar up the street, I quickly realized we were in for an interesting time. With no agenda, team managers, deadlines, or much of a plan, we were relying on our local contacts in each country to help with logistical issues and to make sure the island vibes were maintained. Uncertainty was definitely present among us, which made the hijinx moments like bombing down abandoned water slides in the mountains and off-roading in a Land Rover on the beaches that much more exciting. 

Kids watching
Johnny purcell fs smith grind

Our days started late and went well into the early mornings. We made a point of exploring everything there was to offer on the uncommonly visited Canary Islands and the more popular Portugal - keeping our own pace to ensure that the lifestyle stayed care free and interesting with copious bottles of cheap red wine, cold beers and Café con Leches on a daily basis.

Morning coffee
Chalres deschamps boardslide up
Charles pleading
Will marshall kickflip frontnose slide
Charles deschamps kickflip
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