Views from the Sixth

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Views from the Sixth

Words and photos by Luke Connor

There are times when you are expecting, or at least hoping, to shoot a skate photo: when you’re out skating with the homies, for example. You generally don't end up in the hospital thinking, "I sense some photo ops." Well, turns out that's also a possibility.

After dealing with an infection for three weeks that took a turn for the worse, I found myself in the hospital for an extended weekend getaway. The first night was spent stuck in the hallway, loaded up on painkillers and steroids to ease the swelling that was trying to close my wind pipe. On the second night, however, I was upgraded to a private room on the sixth floor with a view of the land—and a ledge. A quick phone call to Matt Gravel later, and he was on his way down to say "hello" and do a trick for the sick boy. We put our headphones in, got a phone call going and talked to each other as I sniped photos from the sixth floor. 

It's funny that after all these years of shooting together, all it took was a trip to the hospital and an iPhone for Matt and I to get our first published photo together. Whatever works, right?

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