Words and photos by Ryan Lebel

The latest Anthony Van Engelen Signature Shoe was launched in NYC last week and Vans spared no expense hosting media and shop owners from around the world.

Future classics?

First on the agenda was a product session where AVE, Neal Shoemaker, Zach Sheats, and Jamie Hart discussed designing this shoe, the technology that went into it, and what sets it apart.

AVE talks shoe details with designer Neal Shoemaker.

Afterwards we hopped in Ubers and crossed the Williamsburg bridge for a skate session in Manhattan.

Heavy Vans heads at Tompkins, including the last guy to get this treatment, Elijah Berle.

Although it was a typical New York heat-wave, we cruised the streets starting in Tompkins Square Park and and ending up at a Henry M. Jackson playground. B-ballers and children were surprised to see such a large crowd show up at once. We took over a basketball court and got some tricks in on the ledge.

AVE slices through a Tailslide.

Before long park patrol came in and shut us down. AVE was told he was breaking the law for sitting on his board eating a sandwich.

Tempers flew a little until the NYPD showed up and we slowly dispersed. We headed back to Brooklyn where we regroup before dinner at the hotel rooftop.

Vans Canada darkmen, Gio and Paul.

The night lead us to St. Vitus, a local dive bar where we enjoyed sets from Candy and then Quicksand to close out a few great days.

Antisocial's Kelly Day, Ninetimes' Jason Gordon, and Vans' Mike Entz.
Quicksand's Walter Schreifels.


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