Philadelphia's Chris Mulhern has been providing a steady stream of sick footage for years now, through his own independent projects as well as his work with adidas skateboarding. Currently at work on an independent full-length feature, Mulhern just dropped this six-minute "trailer" featuring some familiar names as well as some lesser-knowns that you'll want to see more from after this. Keep your eyes pealed for some Kevin Lowry clips tucked in here.

From Mulhern:

"The second in a series of trailers leading up to my next full length video project. Mainly shot in Philadelphia, the trailer features Mark Del Negro, Joey O'Brien, Nate Pezzillo, Dylan Sourbeer, Ishod Wair, Kevin Liedtke, Kevin Lowry, Brian Douglas, Justin Adeniran, Brian Panebianco, Pat Heid, Yaje Popson, Matt Militano and Ricky Geiger."

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