Did you catch any parts from "The Boardroom Video" that we released over the last couple of weeks? Either way, check out a selection of photos shot by Trint Thomas with captions from the man behind the video, Justin Bungag.

Cam MacGregor has always surprised me with what he can do on a skateboard. In his video part he is skating a lot of street but Cam can also rip tranny as well. Growing up skating Kirkstone and Lonsdale has given him superb control on anything he is skating.

Ross Ouelette has always been doing big boy tricks but he wasn't always a big boy. You can watch Ross grow in the span of 2 years in his video part. its almost like that movie 'Boyhood' but more funny. 

Mitchell Antoniuk has so much power in his skating he can skate the biggest spots with ease. Here is his 50-50 transfer. 

Our local handrail! This is one of the few perfect rails in North Vancouver. Here's Cam chomping through this down-flat-down.

This was the first spot we found on our Bellingham trip. We were driving around just trying to get a feel for the area. We stopped randomly outside the city to stretch our legs and we spotted a playground with a cool hump in it. Trint snapped this halo lit 360 Flip in the middle of the session.

Calgarian Reid Danyluk finesses a clean Backside Flip down a short-run-up 3 block. Reid can make the hardest tricks look like child's play.

Cam has actually skated this rail twice before. He put down a Boardslide on his skateboard and snowboard. Cam was very keen on hitting this rail again for his video part so we dragged him over to the spot and within a few tries we was rolling away. He went back up and tried it again because he "wanted to go off the end."


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