Winnipeg has seen an ass-ton of shredding over the years. From Jamie Thomas’ Back 5-0 on the Kelvin rail in a balaclava, to Colin Lambert back-lipping every rail within the city limits. However, I’ve never heard of a trick attempted and failed by so many as the Woodsworth angled rail Frontside Bluntslide. Many of Winnipeg’s best have tangled with the bull and they’ve all gotten the horns. 

Jason Crolly, the best dude Canada has ever seen, both in demeanour and in shred, performed many moves on this rail. He was the first to give the Front Blunt a whirl many moons ago on the opposing goofy version and it took him out with a rumoured sack and/or head hit.

I once saw Adam Lecker, one of the best front-blunters around, sack his dong on the tip of the angled rail while trying said trick. I believe that was literally the last handrail he ever skated. 

Josh Thorvaldson had scoffed at the idea of a Front Blunt on the angler being difficult, making it out to be a warm up trick. Fast-forward one try later to Josh doing his best Macho Man Randy Savage impression with a flying elbow drop off the top rope and slamming his back into the ground.

Brock Anderson, one of Winnipeg’s gnarliest rippers, was the closest to reeling in the Front Blunt. Word is he got as close as a laid down “Baker-maker” but no ride away. Luckily, Brock has a younger brother named Jaret who was able to pick up where his big brother left off. After three sessions of us getting kicked out before he could even get a try in, Jaret managed to do what no one before him had, successfully rolling away from a Frontside Bluntslide down the Woodsworth Angler. Two times, in fact, and all with his dick, back, and head intact.

Words and photo by Tyler Geurts

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