What do you do if you're from the West Coast of Canada and find yourself with access to a twelve-passenger van? Well, you pile all your friends in the van, phone up the Green Tortoise to get a couple private rooms and drive down south to San Francisco. In March of this year, that’s exactly what we did thanks to Ultimate Distribution. Between countless trips to Golden Boy, getting heckled from strippers, staring at Kearny street for hours and eating enough Mexican food to feed a small village, the crew managed to stack a crazy amount of footage in the short week we were there. Thank you to Tadashi Yamaoda and Aaron Pettigrew for pointing their camera’s at the crew, and Jack Perry for filling in when he wasn’t in front of the lens. Enjoy!—Kolby Harris

Magnus Hanson, Eric Pereira, Seamus Burton, Corey McIntosh, Reid Spak, Jack Perry, Jesse Belrose, Dustin Locke, Marcus Samji, Tyjae Armstrong, and Ryan Siemens.

Check out some photos from the trip, shot by Aaron Pettigrew, Jack Perry, Kolby Harris, and Tadashi.


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