Strathletics 2018 went down on Sunday in Vancouver, operating with the most cutting edge scoring and organizing technology. Check out photos of the day shot by Chris Lakusiak.

Doogie blazes by the radar gun with a Fakie Flip.

An attempt at fastest roadrash.

Cutting edge, right?

Tried, tested, and true measurement methods.

I mean really, it would be cool if skateboard highest ollie and highest hippie jump were in the Olympics, because, why not?

Mackenzie is a contender.


Big blingin' and prize money flaunting.

The controversial scooter toss event.

Hopkins winds up.

Mikey pilots and attempt at the longest Ollie.

As does Doogie.

The doubles race event.

Including a high level of danger and competitiveness.

Team no-shirt on their way down.

Bound by fate.


Ready for Tokyo!

Big ups to Timebomb Trading, éS, Stance, and The Boardroom for hosting another great event!



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