Last weekend in Vancouver, the 5th annual Stop Drop & Roll women's skate contest took plaza at the Downtown Plaza. Women came from as far as Sweden and Mexico to spread and share the stoke of rolling together. The sun was out, the vibes were high, and the skating was ruling. Thanks to Rose Archie and everyone else involved for making it a great weekend. Scroll through for photos from Norma Ibarra and Olga Aguilard, as well as a video from Jess Sung.

The day opened up with Rebecca Jewel, Spirit name: Yellow Flower that Blows in the Wind, and Rose Archie acknowledging use of the traditional lands of the Coast Salish Peoples, upon which the skating went down. Ibarra
No store bought trophies here, just these beauties. Ibarra
The next generation was soaking up the stoke. Ibarra
The places brings all types out. Aguilar
No stiff peg-legs here. Aguilar
Local cheering section ready to root on the local ladies. Ibarra
Audrey warms up the coping....
while Nina sweeps it off. Ibarra
Soph came up from Seattle to scoop some air. Ibarra
Speaking of air, Adelaide from Australia brought some from all the way down undah. Ibarra
Una opted to float frontside, free of grab. Ibarra
Audrey's got that two-steppin', criss-crossin', body-rockin' hip game. Ibarra
Nina goes boneless on the bank. Aguilar
Una flashes 'n' rolls...
while Pearl takes the stairs. Ibarra
Norma and her UCANSKATE crew from Mexico.
Marina ollies one of the most common street obstacles, the manhole. Ibarra
Behind the behind-the-scenes. Aguilar
Dayana blazes through a backside grind. Aguilar
Clara plants and launches over the hip. Aguilar
Local witch Shari powers a slash across the planter. Aguilar
Somebody shout out a name here for this well-balance boardslider. Aguilar
Marsha from the bible slaps two trucks on her way around the stairs. Aguilar
Rose and Kristin, gatekeepers. Aguilar
Beginner winners. Ibarra
Intermediate winners. Ibarra
Rose didn't just plan and host, she got some herself. Ibarra
The 30+ division winners. Ibarra
Una drifting a backside big spin over the hip. Ibarra
Breana about to stomp a switch flip. Ibarra
Emma from Sweden prepares to level out a frontside ollie. Ibarra
Nika, ready to ride out a backside heelflip. Ibarra
The crowd looks on with bated breath as Kristin's 360 flip comes around.
Jazmin came up from Mexico to catch kickflips right in Norma's face. Ibarra
Alexis pilots a polo-powered ollie over the hip. Ibarra
Sarah from Sweden styles out a kickflip.
Una smells the flowers. Ibarra
Advanced podium. Ibarra
It was back to back weekends of stoke for Kristin and many of these ladies. Ibarra
Itzel from Mexico snags best trick with a kickflip so nice we'll show it twice. Aguilar
Boom. Ibarra
Itzel tripping on the Canadian to Peso conversion. Ibarra
Lapir0 and MC Audge grab the mics at Antisocial.
While this shredding superband shuts it down. Ibarra

Video by Jess Sung.


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