Recently, the 4th Annual Stop, Drop, and Roll ladies' contest went down at Quilchena Park in Vancouver. Hosted by Rose Archie, the event brought girls from all over the city—plus places like California, Washington, Florida, and Sweden—together to jam, compete, share some laughs, and belt out Joni Mitchell songs after shotgunning beers to wrap it all up at Quilchena. Afterwards, the crowd heading to Antisocial for a party complete with bands and members of the Girl Skateboards team, a somewhat fitting coincidence to tie the whole weekend together.—Jeff Thorburn

Photos by Norma Ibarra and Jeff Thorburn

Grassy-haired Audrey Kerridge was on the mic, playing tunes and calling out tricks.

Breana Geering was feeling the choice of tunes.

Breezy, visualizing taking the proverbial caking.

Breezy, preparing for Disaster. 

Clara Solar came all the way from Florida to fly Frontside Airs under the west coast sun.

Norma chimps the previous frame while I capture the present, which immediately became the past.

Ben Stoddard and Spencer Hamilton discuss the snack options on the judging bench.

Norma trying to intimidate me away from her territory.

Supportive partner of the host, Cory Wilson, taking a brief break from his camera duty.

Old Fashioned Standards' top seamstress, Kassy Bailey, sweeps the deck clean.

Kristin Ebeling came up from Seattle, fresh off her Wheels of Fortune 9 event, to Flash 'n' Roll north of the border.

Skate Witch Shari White digs into a picture perfect Crooked Grind.

Stoke levels at 11.

The big winner of the day with an even bigger cheque.

The top three from the over 30 category: Antisocial's Michelle Pezel, along with Sweden's Jessica Jansson and Katta Sterner.

Advanced category winners: Shari White, Breana Geering, and Florida's Fabiana Delfino.

Beginner's category winners: Nela from Vancouver, Nina from Bellingham, along with Shonny from Toronto.

Intermediate winners: Jess Sung, Audrey Kerridge, and Norma Ibarra.

Three cheers for Rose!

Antisocial x RDS.

Post-contest energy drinks.

Shari on The Skate Witches hustle.

Rose and Breezy.

Afterparty at Antisocial.

With Brandon Biebel and Rick Howard bouncing around.

The night ends with the party-starter himself, Biebel.


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