Pillows fill the void between our head and shoulders when we sleep at night. Particular pillows can make or break your sleep. Too thin or too thick and you may wake up with a nasty kink in your neck. Do you go with feather or fluff? Undoubtedly, though, nothing is cooler than the other side of a pillow. Dane Pryds, 50-50. Fidlin 

A brick is one heavy, tissue-box-sized building block. A mix of clay and shale, it’s interesting how differently a brick wall can look, just based on how it was laid, or who laid it. Bricks piled up speak of imminent construction; a lone brick speaks more of imminent destruction. Neil Blackwood, Backside 180 Nosegrind. James

Ryan DesRoches, Frontside Wallride. Comber

Conjuring up images of angels and gods, classical music evokes thoughts that transcend language. While this may be because we mostly hear classical music as scores to ambitious films, it may also be from something deeper, an inherent memory, and an appreciation for music with as much depth as an encyclopedia. Steven Burke, Kickflip. Glass

No colour covers more of our emotional spectrum quite like red. Red is love, but red is also rage. We flush red with embarrassment, and we bleed red. It’s a complimentary colour to green, the colour of nature, but also known as the colour of money. Red induces confusion. Dillon Moore, Crooked Grind. Fidlin

Matt Sullivan, Nollie Backside Heelflip. Stripp

To put it simply, rain is water falling from the sky. But the various ways in which that water might fall from the sky, combined with our planet’s diverse landscape, and all the other weather variables, make a “rainy day” a rather vague description. All it really tells a person is that, indeed, water fell from the sky today. Conlan Killeen, Rock ‘n’ Roll. Thorburn 

A circle may be best defined by what it lacks: straight lines and corners. Fully round, it is a shape in perpetual motion. While it is said that a perfect circle is impossible, the circle is the shape as near to perfection as you are likely to find. Glenn Stevenson, 50-50. Zemanek

Justin Fabus, Nollie Heelflip. Morley

Nothing takes over the neighbourhood air and gets your mouth watering like the smell of a barbecue. Even if you don’t eat meat, or prefer your food raw, there is no denying that aroma. Something about food cooked over an open flame, in open air, touches a primal nerve in us, formed in the days of prehistoric block parties. Kyle Nickoshie, Backside Lipslide. Fidlin

It may not be the oldest writing utensil, but a pencil is surely the most dependable. With its lead encased safely into the centre of a cylindrical or hexagonal stick of wood, a pencil is ready to transmit from the brain to the page, by way of the hand. That is, as soon as it’s sharpened to a point. As a bonus, the other end often has an eraser on it, giving the user a real-life “undo” button. Beaster, Nosegrind Tailgrab. James

Adam Hopkins, Backside Boneless. Thorburn

Wood is one of the greatest gifts that trees give us. It’s probably a close second to the air we breathe. Is wood the most important building material of all time? I think it might be. No matter the specific variety, wood is highly mouldable and shapeable, while still being strong and reliable. It also burns well. Wood is the backbone of civilization. Kevin Lowry, Backside Ollie. Wendt 

A bench is a resting point between being upright and flat on the ground. It’s a rudimentary sofa, not very comfortable for long periods of time, but a great place to repose for a bit during a long walk. It’s also a great seat to share with a stranger. Steve Graham, Smith Grind. Glass

Quinton David, 50-50. Wendt 

While they are firm on the outside, it’s obvious upon just a glance that seedless grapes are delicate. They may not be as delicate as an egg, but thee little orbs are ready to explode when they are met with force. Their seedless-ness is nice, but you have to wonder if the intrusion to remove them of their seeds is really good for us or them. Leon Chapdelaine, Pop Shuv-it Nosegrind. Éthier-Myette 

For many, a hot cup of coffee is the drug that gets them out of bed in the morning. The smell of the fresh ground beans is the first hit, but it’s those first few hot sips that perk you right up. How can you describe it in an appealing way though? It’s bitter, acidic, and bowel movement inducing. Enjoy a cup! Josh Thorvaldson, 50-50. Morley

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