Shredz hits the Pacific North West

The Shredz shop team are a bunch of good 'ol Calgary boys who like to break up the mundanity of Rig Pigs and lifted trucks by making annual trips to the Pacific North West. In July, 10 dudes and two dogs crammed themselves between two cars and hit the road for Portland in search of THE hijinx. 

Skate Photos: Liam Glass

Incidental Photos: Marcus Baptiste, Mason McConnel and Sam Stuart

Steve graham front board
Steve Graham, FS Boardslide.
Austin dirt bomb
Chase majury smith oregon liamglass 0251
Chase Majury, FS Smith under cover from the coastal rain.
Levi hammock
Callum feeble red rail portland
Callum Derrig, Feeble Grind.
Portland sign with cars
Portland skate trip
Steve Graham, FS 5-0.
Screen shot 2016 09 06 at 11.59.42 am
Levi switzer back disaster liamglass 0400
Steve Graham, BS Disaster.
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