Charles Deschamps, Frontside Shuv-it

Being that we both grew up in the same city around the same time, it would only be truthful of me to admit that I’d be willing to give Ryan some extra opportunities to get his photos into the magazine. I say that I would be willingto, but because of the guy’s talent and drive, I’ve not had to do anything for him. From running a website with some fellow Frederictonians documenting their local scene, to moving to Montreal and honing his skills there, Ryan hasn’t needed any favours to get to where he is today. He shoots crisp photos from the right angles with the right people. That’s all I can ask for, and the fact that he’s a fellow Freddy Beacher is just a bonus. —Jeff Thorburn

How to make a spot:
Step 1) prop up a tile 
Step 2) skate
Charles Deschamps, Kickflip.
Will Marshall, Switch Frontside Flip.
Zander Mitchell, 50-50.
Ben Paterson, Switch 180 Crooked Grind.
Fred Lanteigne, Wallie No-Comply.

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