Rest in Peace, Darrell Smith


Family. That’s what we do over here. I know it sounds cliché but I would like to think it's true. We lost a good one. Darrell was our tour guide and host any time we rolled through Montreal or London. Photographer for everything around the shop and on sessions. Screen printer for our shop gear on and off for years. General handyman any time we needed help with small and large renovations. Security guard for every time we were holding an event in the back space of the shop. These were all things he helped us with long before he was an employee. He was always down to help us out while asking nothing in return. When it came time to hire someone to help us out while Julie and I were starting a family of our own, Darrell stepped in and became one of the best employees we will ever have. He came in early, stayed late, and did things around the shop that I was always hoping to get around to someday. I would always have to beg him to slow down, chill out and would have to interrogate him to make sure he didn't short himself on his time card. I got comfortable with Darrell quickly and would often forget his accomplishments in the Canadian skate industry. He was someone I looked up to. I always loved his skating, photography and everything that he accomplished with Studio. I loved it when people would come through and recognize him and trip out; it would bring me back to a time when I didn't know him and was just a fan like everybody else. I'm so grateful for the time I got to spend with him as a friend, listening to the stories of his youth in London, San Francisco, and Montreal. I knew we couldn't keep him forever—he was too talented for us—but I cherish every minute we spent together.

Rest in peace, Darrell.

We'll miss you.

Love, your other family,

Blue Tile Lounge


Words by Rob Lane

Photos by Jeff Comber

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