Fabiana Delfino, Kickflip Backside Disaster.

Along with a smile as big as her camera bag (it’s massive), Norma brings so much originality to the table. She calls herself an everythingologist—the suffix “–ologist” meaning “the study of,” and everything is well, everything. Keen to try new things yet also sticking to her roots and traditions, Norma’s intriguing photos and captivating experiences speak for themselves.

Introduction and captions by Una Farrar

Sarah Meurle, Frontside Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Sarah Meurle is one of many captivating Swedish skaters I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with. Her graceful trick selection and style, mixed with a kind, nurturing soul, makes Sarah one of my favourite skateboarders and also an all-around admirable human. Needless to say, Sarah also carries strong, creative and persistent qualities in her skating, and had a killer part in Nike’s new video, Gizmo. Occasionally, she graces us Canadians with her presence in Vancouver, and each time she creates a positive and refreshing impact on the local scene. Sarah, thank you for being you, and I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say, please come back soon.

Kristin Ebeling, Slappy Feeble Grind.

I would describe Kristin Ebeling as the cool camp counselor you wish you had as a kid. In addition to being very responsible and hard-working, she knows how to have a good time, and might let you have two fruit roll ups instead of one. Kristin’s been skating at a high level for a minute now, but has also taken on the demanding role of executive director of a sick organization called Skate Like A Girl. Doing more work daily than I’ve done in 21 years, she’s making important, progressive plans and decisions constantly. Inspiring people to be stoked on respect and inclusion, Kristin and her friends are re-writing history and what it means to be a skateboarder.

Romy Haynes, Pop Shuv-It.

Romy Haynes is what you could call a “good egg.” First visiting Vancouver last fall from the UK, Romy is now a resident of the city at just 19 years old. I am fortunate to call Romy one of my close friends, as well as roommate, alongside legends Norma Ibarra and Shari White. Calm and collected, Romy is one of those people who can participate in heavy debate or conversation, but also truly knows how to chill out and relax. Progressing every day, she offers a unique trick selection and spot approach. 

Kassy Bailey, Layback Frontside Rock ‘n’ Roll

Vancouver-local and Cochrane OG, Kassy Bailey is self-made business owner and skateboarder. The product of passion and an insane work ethic, Kassy runs her own clothing and textile company, Old Fashioned Standards. Whatever Kassy puts her mind to, she gets done. This is also apparent in her skating. Whether its charging into a barrier, cruising the downtown curbs or slashing around Mount Pleasant, she always makes time in her hectic schedule to skate with her pals. Full of original jokes and endless stories, Kassy quickly became someone I look up to. Representing the epitome of pursuing what you love, and doing it all with undeniable steeze, Kassy Bailey is truly one of a kind.

Breana and Kassy.

Breana Geering, Nose Manual

Ever seen someone not give a fuck while simultaniously being the most caring person you know? I haven't. Or at least I hadn’t until I met my best friend, Breana Geering. As one of the most stylish and technical skaters out there, ‘Breezy’ is constantly coming up with innovative trick combos and ideas. With textbook Kickflips of any stance and the most contagious laugh you’ve ever heard, Breana is as authentic as it gets. From manual pads to wall rails, she’s 100 per cent skateboarder, all while remaining unapologetically true to herself and those around her. Breana is the closest thing to a sister I've ever had, and not to make this about me, but I don’t know where I’d be without her. Forever grateful for you, Breezy. Thank you for all you’ve taught me and all that has yet to come.

Una Farrar, Nollie Lipslide.

I’m going to jump in here and save Una from having to write about herself, or pretend like she’s someone else writing about herself. Unless I’m actually her writing this, pretending to be someone else. You’ll never know…unless you ask. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed watching Una skate since I first heard of this teenage girl that was ripping the Vic West park with great style and an air of fun around her. Much to my delight, she’s even more enjoyable to be around in person. Thankfully, since she’s now my neighbour. When I see everything Una’s out there doing, how she interacts with skateboarders of all ages and backgrounds, and the kind words she wrote for all of her friends in this article, I know that our collective skateboard community is just going to continue to strengthen and grow. —Jeff Thorburn


Fabiana Delfino, Backside Tailslide.

Filming heavy video parts, touring all over the world, and skating non-traditional contests, Fabiana Delfino is quickly making a name for herself. I’ve had the opportunity to go on a few trips with this extraordinary human, who I now consider family. By “family,” I mean someone trustworthy. Trust to give their honest opinion, trust their intuition, even trust them with my fragile VX1000. Oh yeah, also, amongst countless other cool things, Fabiana is an amazing filmer as well. Over the past few months, Fabiana has been spending more time skating and filming in Vancouver, finding new ways to make old skate spots come to life. Comfortable in her skin, and overcoming any obstacle literal or figurative, she’s a genuine inspiration. One can always count on Fabi, whether the mission is getting the trick, or putting a smile on someone’s face.

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