Recently, in Calgary, Market Collective held their 10 year anniversary and holiday market. Within that, they partnered with Academy Skateboard Collective to include a skate component, inviting local friends, brands, and shops to build obstacles and skate! Liam Glass was on hand to shoot some photos. Check them out:

While he's quite possibly the least melancholic dude out there, Ben Fenton sure knows how to snatch one.

Ninetimes' newblood Kyle Anderson barges his way through a 5-0 Shuv.

Bossman Jason Gordon attempts to work out the mystery of the pyramids, starting with an equation of Ninetimes eight and a quarter with four sides and one point...

Slippery floors lead to primo slides... Tom Nelner survived the slide.

A Cali picnic table in Calgary? With two feet down below taking the worst of it, Tom digs into a Backside Nosedrive.

Darcy Tran takes a Backside Nosegrind up a Rocky Mountain inspired incline.

Where there's a will, there's sometimes a wall, but skaters will always find a way to make the most of it. Sean Heather rides one out.

Chad Baker snaps a 180 over the Cali table...

...while Connor Bell opts to hippy hop it...

...before Derek Epp shuts it down with a Kickflip.

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