New Brighton

Usually when I come back to Calgary, I end up staying with family south of the city limits. That means long drives into the city to skate with friends. A few years ago, this park was built in New Brighton, a suburb at the southern edge of the city. That's the Shepard landfill over the hill to the right.

Maybe once or twice a trip, I'll stop by the park looking to skate. It seems like it would be a good time with just a few people there. But every time I've stopped in, it's scooter central. The bowl tends to be used less, but it's a big ol' bowl to be skating alone with scooters whizzing around up top. I usually don't stay long.

This time though, Jesse Ingrilli and Cole Stephens were good enough to make the trip down to roll and let me shoot some photos. We ended up connecting with 12-year-old Oliver, who literally turned things upside down.

Words and photos by Jeff Thorburn

Above: Jesse Ingrilli, Noseblunt on the extension. 

Cole Stephens, Backside Nosepick.

Cole Stephens, Backside Smith grind.

Cole Stephens, Frontside Air.

Cole Stephens, Backside Air.

Oliver, Backside Boneless.

Oliver, Invert.

Next try, one-footed Invert!

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