Nations at Tsuu T'ina

Nations Skate Youth held an Indigenous Youth Skateboarding Workshop recently with the Tsuu T'ina Youth Program, near Calgary, Alberta. While there were plenty of masks on faces, they weren’t enough to hide the smiles of everyone involved. Scroll through for photos by Jeff Thorburn.

In between lending a hand to the youth, Dustin Henry snaps and snags a Shifty Kickflip.

Back on solid ground, Dustin offers some grip.

It was a thrill every time.

Youth, ready to get some!

I don't know who was more stoked, her or Joe!

Rose Archie is always there with a helping hand.

Joe Buffalo out there encouraging and showing the youth what skateboarding can do for them.

Adam George lends his support.

Check-in time—it was hot but the stoke was high.

Tristan Henry executes a classic Boneless.

Bonus frame!

We get over the bumps however we can. It helps when there are extra hands.

Coffin position always leads to a smile.

Charging over an abrupt triangle!

Dustin Nosebonks his way over.

Faith Starlight takes a No Comply Frontside over the orange.

CJ Cutter prepares to put down a Tré Flip.

More than just sticker-stokage.

What a day!

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