More on Junk Spots

Spots like this are great. You never know who will be there, what new junk will have turned up, and how it’ll all be configured. Even then, it doesn’t matter, because you can set it up the way you like it. I’ve gone on about them before—read "An Ode To Junk Spots". These spots also get me thinking about an article I read years ago about a “junk” playground in Wales. Read “Is this the perfect playground, full of junk?” from The Guardian.

Words and photos by Jeff Thorburn

Above: Carter Spinks takes a Frontside Bluntslide across and in to fakie. 

Ben Knight Ollies over to a Frontside Wallride.

Eric Warlimont prepares to take a Feeble in to fakie.

Carter Spinks Noseblunt Slides across the channel.

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