As is the tradition for a slew of Vancouver skateboarders, the May long-weekend trip to Orcas Island took place again a few weeks back, and we have some photos from Olga Aguilar to share.

Corey McIntosh stands up and stretches it out while guiding his back truck across a rugged lip.

Michelle Pezel finds an obscure lip to tail slap.

Jeff Muirhead looks ahead instead of downwards while traversing a channel via a Nosegrind.

Stepan Soroka leans back on a San Juan Islands powered Hurricane.

No stranger to hang-time, Jeff Matheson tucks and floats his way through a FSA.

Punker Matt lays back and makes a raw lip bark just down the road from Oprah's new abode.

Perched between pain and pleasure, Stepan prepares to teeter the totter back from where eagles dare.


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