Loviah Pants 1 Year Anniversary Best Trick at Spin Skatepark

 Leo Hamelin

Montreal's Loviah Pants held their second annual best trick contest at Spin Skatepark this past Wednesday. The evening began with an open best trick on the 6 stairs and moved on to bigger obstacles for invited skaters, culminating with our guy Lil Ham blasting a 14 foot backside 180 over the jersey barrier in the longest ollie challenge. 


Max Guisse

Bunch of OGs showed up


Vez, Pat and Eric


Thomas Parent thought he was gonna have a mellow session, found out there was an event on the street course, tried to skate the bowl, ate shit, decided to hang out with the homies. 

Will Cristofaro, reppin' KC Projects since 1999


Francis and Charles

Gab and Sam

The judges are ready


Mathieu Leblanc


Oli Courchesne


Adam and Jesse
Phil and Seb
Morgan DT
Francis Gagnon
DJ Tony
Leo rips
Oli Courchesne
Antoine Guignet
Scott Lauzon
Olivier Felton
Leo Hamel
Leo Hamel
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