What was the first book you read as a teenager that made a mark on you?

The first book I read as a teenager was Neil Young’s autobiography Waging Heavy Peace. I found it pretty easy to read. I’m a Young fanatic! Who isn’t though?

Do you read often these days?

No, but I do play chess. Turtlenecks and tea—same/diff?

Is there a local bookstore or library you frequent?

I try and stay out of the community library. I’ve got a long list of overdue fines from my elementary years. I visited the book store yesterday, though, and found a stack of vintage nudie mags.

What book that you’ve read recently can you recommend to others?

Recently I dove into Clearing the Plains by James Daschuk. It’s a more difficult read. Be sure to have a dictionary beside you if you take this book on. The vocabulary is eye opening. I’m still studying this one. It’s heavy. The cover of this book was also used for a Colonialism Skateboards’ graphic. It’s kind of a big deal.

Without giving away too much, what’s it about?

It’s a substantial read if you want to learn about the effect climate change had on Indigenous cultures in North America before contact with early settlers, and exposes the intergenerational trauma caused by colonialism. 

Above Nosegrind photo shot by Noel Wendt

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