Landon Avramovic lends Étienne Gagné a tow on Riley Boland’s “mobility aid.”

Make a few moves in your adult life and you’ll inevitably end up with friends and family all over the place. Such is the case for me, and thankfully I’ve been able to spend many of my summers in cities and towns across the country visiting those familiar faces. Here’s a handful of pages documenting a sliver of 2018’s midsection, from my perspective. — Jeff Thorburn

As much as it can be fun to really plan out and work with a skater to shoot a particular trick, it can be equally satisfying to just remain a wallflower and a document what’s happening. The latter is what happened as I watched Dustin Henry flow around the Terry Fox Plaza in Vancouver and dig into a few of these Slappy Switch Crooked Grinds.
Conversely, this photo of Kevin Lowry was something more like a spontaneously planned photo, clearly not shot by a wallflower. He figured out the Backside Nosegrind, I figured out the photo, and then we hustled off for Tubby Tacos. 
Ty Peterson
Snarf, Backside Smith Grind at the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Ryan Wilkie, Frontside 5-0 in Halifax.
The wind was swirling; the end of the rail was missing; one of the unknown pedestrians that stopped to watched turned out to have grown up just down the street from me; and I think Ty landed this Smith Grind in three tries.
Don’t let his calm demeanour fool you—Ryan MacArthur is a true screamin’ eagle. Backside Flip in downtown Halifax just across the street from the Freak Lunchbox, where I bought way too much candy after this.
While Navy ships appeared and disappeared behind me in the Bedford Basin, Nate Oliver brought the knowledge and skills of a true Time Man to this Backside Noseblunt Slide. Afterwards, I used my own acquired Time Man skills to talk Nate and Bobtapes into taking a brisk swim in the Atlantic.
After some sketchy illicit landscaping that led to a surprisingly chill meeting with Richmond PD, Leon Chapdelaine went right over the top of this rail, straddling the line between Feeble and Smith on the way down.
Tom Nelner bounces into a Fakie 5-0 in Calgary.
Halfway between my house and the Rio Theatre where she works, Audrey Kerridge plants a Texas, ah, Plant, at the ancient ruins of China Creek in East Vancouver.
Beneath the Macdonald Bridge that spans the Halifax Harbour, connecting Halifax and Dartmouth, Jesse Campbell catches a Switch Frontside Shuv-It as we prepare to ride off into the sunset.
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