Julian Kelly plants a precarious Axle Stall on an untouched lip and then yanks it back into the deep end of this Winnipeg pool for the cover of our final issue of 2017. Photo by Tyler Geurts. Check out local skateshop for a copy.


“I look at areas of the city that are built in ways that might result in unintentional discomfort in summer or winter. People built these cities at times when they weren’t thinking about those sorts of things, and now, because of things like climate change and the unpredictable weather we have nowadays, it is becoming more and more important.”

“I bumped him with a bus bin and he ended up sending me a message on Insta like two days later just saying ‘fckn fag,’ and so that means he was thinking about that for almost an entire weekend before he gathered the courage to message me? So I just said ‘tru’ and he never messaged me back.”

“A circle may be best defined by what it lacks: straight lines and corners. Fully round, it is a shape in perpetual motion. While it is said that a perfect circle is impossible, the circle is the shape as near to perfection as you are likely to find.” What? This extended gallery features Kevin Lowry, Dillon Moore, Leon Chapdelaine, Kyle Nickoshie, and many more.

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