“Adam Riviglia and myself both took some crippling slams. If Jim Ross was to announce our falls; he’d say I did a Jimmy Snuka “Superfly Smash” onto a handicap rail, while Adam got caught up on an out-rail and got “Razor’s Edge’d” by Razor Ramon from six feet up. Luckily, with a couple days’ rest and plenty of trips to the masseuse, we were able to skate again before the trip was done. Adam opted for the ‘cupping’ procedure, an ancient Chinese practice-turned-sports recovery technique, to soothe his aches and sorrows, possibly taking motivation from fellow sportsman, Michael Phelps. Phelps hails cupping as his secret weapon. While both Michael and Adam looked like extraterrestrials following the treatment (Google Michael Phelps alien back), both were inevitably bound for their respective glory: Michael with 23 Olympic gold medals, and Adam with this huge Wallie into a hill in Taipei and subsequently onto the cover of the mag. Champions.”—Johnny Purcell

Dreaming in Barcelona

Reuben Bullock and Jesse Landen talk music and skateboarding

Photos by Rob Mentov

“Then you push past all the hundred things your mind is telling you about why you shouldn't do it, and you end up doing it. Then you have to sit down afterwards because you're confused about what your body and mind just went through. I love that shit so much.”

A Sentimental Defense of the Full-Length Skateboard Video

Regarding Matt Berger and Jamie Tancowny in Etnies’ Album

Words by Cole Nowicki

“To see Kamloops’ own Matt Berger Bigflip Front Hurricane down a rail in Street League warms my stupid heart. The full-length video is another grand platform for him to shine. It’s his contribution to an exquisite corpse where all of the other artists are just like him—operating on a completely unhinged level of skateboarding.”

Raw Shellfish and Skateboarding in Taipei

A desire to escape a brutal winter leads a few young men to the island of Taiwan

Words by Johnny Purcell and Ryan Lebel

Photos by Ryan Lebel

“If you can find it in the ocean, you can find it here, deep fried, covered in salt. After poking and prodding at some strange dishes, we found ourselves at an oyster booth. Adam ordered six raw oysters to share amongst the group. Adam, Ryan, and I indulged. A genius in retrospect, Erick opted out.”

PLUS: The Backstory with Julian Kelly; Walk the Planche: SuperInstaEdit; There Will Be Books with JS Lapierre and Lee Yankou; Shopkeeper: Ninetimes Calgary; Spy Cam; and much more.

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