Lee Yankou grabs the cover of our first issue of the year with this Frontside Flip over a rail and into a rugged brick bank in Vigo, Spain. Shot by Nathan Éthier-Myette.

Building for Bokma

DIY building in the name of a fallen brother

Words and photos by James Morley

“We returned to the virgin concrete that we had fondly dubbed the ‘Toilet Bowl’ a few days later for a mind-melting session that put on a show for everyone who had been involved, as well as children and parents who, similar to the local kids on the build day, had stumbled upon the spot while investigating the skate sounds and cheering reverberating through the area. The whole experience was about as positive as it could have ever been, bringing all sorts of people together in a way that the defunct community centre we were building beside could have only dreamed of.”


Ontarians ring in the New Year in North Carolina

Words and photos by Chris Fitzsimmons

“As we entered the bar and grabbed ourselves a table, we realized most of the bar was giving us some funny looks and pointing in our direction. Not knowing why, we ignored their looks and played a number of games of pool. As Tyler and Carter were having a cigarette outside of the bar and the rest of us were talking to some of the locals, they overheard a group of people saying, ‘Did you see that group of funny Canadians in there?’”


A vegan, an insurance broker, a beekeeper, and a darkman walk up to a bank spot…

Words by Noah Leach / Photos by Nathan Éthier-Myette

“Spending two weeks on a skate trip with the same dudes, the routine becomes uncanny: Kevin Lowry chugging coffee in the kitchen, Magnus Hanson setting up another new board on the terrace, JS Lapierre basking in the sun on the grass, while Lee Yankou lays fast asleep until moments before cramming in the van.”


Chris Marleau, Cole Nowicki, Levi Reoch, Mikey Ray, Birling, Adam Hopkins, and more.

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