Gab's got his mitt all wrapped up, and Una's out with a wrecked knee, but she was still able to do him a solid and flash the SM.
Ty says hey from the pop-up café.
Tre on the tables.
Gordon overseeing a 'zine station while Ethan snips.
Censoring Gus' bad sticker.
Kassy lighting it up at Old Fashioned Standards.
They've got skate straps!
Michelle holds it down at the freshest smelling booth in HOV.
Kelowna kids, Connor and Jaxon.
Dave holds it down at Clubgear.
Owner of a new hip, Alex.
Skate Witches, Kristin and Shari.
Clubgear's place of repose.
Anthony and Tony in the lounge.
Anthony's fresh stick.
Great neighbour, Alex.
Chuckleheads, Rickk and Alex.
Keaton, always stoked.
DJ Blessed Gotti.
Jesse Ingrilli frontside feeble through the Alltimers lot.
Be quick or be dead.
Jeff Matheson solo-session FSA on the Skull Skates ramp.
Magnus Hanson backside heelflips before the madness.
Magnus, Switch Flip in Beeb's face.
Skylar Kehr wraps an Impossible over Biebel's bar.
Flares, dragons, checkers, and girls... despite it all, Shawn Beaupre prepares to stomp a frontside flip.
Beeb's might have gone for a Nollie Backside Heelflip, but Ryan Lepore follows his heart with a straight Tré Flip.
Gilbert Crockett fires up Best Trick on the Clubgear box with a Switch Backside 50-50.
Lui Elliott powers through a Backside Smith grind.
Magnus slices through a Switch Backside Tailslide before taking one to the dome. Get well soon, Mag!
Ben Blundell stuck to the low road, but with high-end style. Noseblunt Slide.
Johnny Purcell exiting a Switch Frontside Crooked grind early.
Jeff Muirhead alley-ooping over the channel.
Sam Lind snatches a Slob Fastplant right before the lights when out.
Andy Anderson pilots a Frontside Air on his custom stick.
Jed Anderson backlips across the yard.
Mitch Barrette, eyeing a revert out of a Backside Nosegrind.
Lui goes the distance over the RDS humps.
Skylar blazes through an over-torqued Backside Nosegrind.
Johnny frontside blunslides across the rainbow.
Johnny Larock guides a Backside Noseblunt Slide through RDS territory.
Stafhon Boca catches a catapulted Nollie Heelfip.
Johnny flexes on Beebs with a Frontside Heelflip.
Leon Chapdelaine shuts it down, going over the bar and down the wall.

Thanks for a great time, Vans!

All photos by Jeff Thorburn

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