You know James Morley can shoot a hell of a photo, but as we discovered last year after seeing his "Bridge & Tunnel" video, the guy can also handle filming and editing a video as well. Since that project last year, Morley has been steadily compiling some great footage from the likes of Chris Marleau, Scott Varney, Wes Loates, Tremaine Glasgow, and many more. The result is "Good Boys", just under six minutes of well-paced and scored skateboarding from in and around Toronto. Enjoy.


Filmed and Edited by James Morley
Additional Footage Shot by Jared Arnason

Featuring (in order of appearance):

Tyler Geurts
Wes Loates
Chris Marleau
Trent Matley
Scott Varney
Tremaine Glasgow
Jaret Anderson
Adam Riviglia
Jared Arnason
Tom Berry
Scott Balkwill
Fane Smeall
Dan Belanger
Mackenzie Campbell

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