At the centre of it all, with a belly full of nuggets, Tyler Pearson-Mallin snaps a Nollie 180 Switch Crooked grind on his way to the nearest Don’s.

Story and photos by Chris Fitzsimmons

The spring season was a month into its stormy, wet weather and there had only been a handful of nice warm days in Toronto so far. The itch to be able to skate outside instead of the indoor parks or parking garages we had become accustomed too was growing high. Our crew packed into Luke Schering’s 2001 Chevrolet Silverado and hit the road. 

The two-week long road trip consisted of skating in four major cities, which included: Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Greensboro. It always amazes me how productive and enjoyable road trips can be. Whether it is the fact of skating new spots, meeting new people every day and trying new food, they always amount to a great time and usually a ton of footage to show for it. 

While the cargo in his truck bed might be at risk, whatever Luke’s got housed within his own cargos should be perfectly safe, if this Backside Noseblunt Slide goes as planned.

Having a pick-up truck with a large amount of room in the bed was extremely ideal for the trip. All of our belongings ended up being there so we could have more space up front. After skating a spot in Philadelphia, a car constantly kept beeping at us and eventually pulled up beside us. The man pointed to our tailgate and all of us immediately look back to see that it is down and the camera bags were at the very edge. We all quickly checked the back to see if we had lost anything but thankfully everything was intact and just before we got on the highway as well. 

With a top to match the spot, and shoes to rep the home team, Blake Goldring prepares to take a Nosegrind into some Bostonian asphalt.

Throughout our many long drives on the trip we would usually gravitate towards a handful of fast food restaurants to cure our hunger and stretch our legs while only emptying a very small amount of money from our wallets. For anyone that hasn’t travelled to the U.S., fast food is extremely inexpensive, with a few dollars you could end up with giant feast to dig in on. In saying this, Tyler Pearson-Mallin had a goal throughout the trip, which was to eat at least 100 chicken nuggets in total by the end of it all. 

After 14 days of skating every day, we were all exhausted and a little eager to get back onto Canadian soil. But an hour or so before the border we had a last stop to make—Tyler needed to complete his goal and thankfully a McDonald’s was in sight. Thanks to the United States for some great skating and cheap fast food. 

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