Don’t Waste Time 'Zine // Issue 3

Over the course of the summer, many things changed for the worse, however, this summer was ideal for skateboarding. As many businesses struggled to keep afloat, skateshops thrived. Decks, wheels and trucks flew off display cases and restocking was near-impossible. Skaters, still bitter about their cancelled summer plans, flooded the streets of their hometowns. Once desolate parks became social hubs for gnarliness.

Amidst this frenzy of crazed skateboarding, I continued to develop my photography skills. This was the second summer I shot skate photos and I definitely grew as a photographer. Between June and October, I built a library of photos. As the summer started to wind down, I started to compile these photos into the third issue of Don’t Waste Time. I am excited about what I was able to produce and I hope that you enjoy it. My name is Jackson Toone, I am a 16-year-old photographer and skater. Below are a few of my favourite photos from the third issue of Don’t Waste Time.

On The Cover: 

Erik Penton / 360 Flip

Erik Penton took the cover with this beautiful third-try treflip on the locally-feared University 10 stair. No need to worry about any COVID regulations, he is definitely socially distant from the ground. Erik has parts in videos such as Dillan Lavallee’s Perish and more recently, in Julian Kelly’s Hello, Seeker. Erik is featured in a short profile in Issue 3.

Fane Smeall / Backside Tailslide Shuv-it

The cops had just shown up and threatened to hand out tickets. They should have known that it wouldn’t stop Fane from getting this buttery back tail shuv, while his brother Kian films. You can catch Fane and Kian working at the Sk8 Skates shop in Winnipeg. Early this spring, Sk8 Skates changed hands between the longtime owner, Colin Lambert, and the Smeall family. You can count on the Smeall family to continue the legacy of one of the longest standing skateshops in Canada. 

Erik Penton / 360 Flip

Erik is no beginner to treflips, and he is definitely no stranger at the Plaza. For the past few summers, Erik worked alongside Fane Smeall providing skate lessons to the next generation of skaters. Unfortunately, the program was cancelled this summer. We can only hope that next summer will be COVID-free and they can continue passing down their knowledge. The first time I went to skate lessons, Erik taught me how to boardslide and I was instantly hooked on skating. 

Alec Ross / Early Grab Acid Drop

Halfway through Bowl Jam, I saw Alec Ross climb up on top of the full pipe at The Forks Plaza in Winnipeg. After a couple of tries, he rolled away from this early grab to flat. If you’ve ever been to the Forks, you know that this trick is no joke. Big thanks to the sponsors and organizers of the Bowl Jam for putting on an exciting event to wind up an unusual summer. As always, the plaza was the main meeting hub for Winnipeg skaters, but this summer, the Plaza was busier than ever. Wednesday night Edge club consistently brought in flocks of skaters, for once outnumbering the scooter and bike kids.

Kian Smeall / Backside 50-50

Just after Erik rolls away from his treflip, Kian Smeall takes a break from filming, for a long back 5050, grinding up and down the kink. Not only will you find Kian skating hard, but you can also find him behind the lens. Kian is responsible for most of the filming and editing of recent Sk8 Skates videos such as the Glitch Deck Promo

Don’t Waste Time Zine is committed to preserving skate and street culture in print. I hope to continue to produce issues far into the future. This winter I plan to shoot many more photos, this time expanding my portfolio into the snowboarding world. I also hope to capture more moments at The Edge Skatepark and other indoor spots. Keep an eye out for the fourth issue, coming spring 2021.

Issue 3 is available at Sk8 Skates, Elevate Skateshop, Recovery Skateshop, Business Boardshop, TwoZeroFour Skateshop, The Choice Skateshop, Borderline Skateshop, Skateloft, Rude Boys Shop, Shredz Shop, Eclectic Skateshop, Tribute Skateshop, Bliss Skateshop, Driveway Skateshop, and Jackson’s General Store. Big thanks to Option Skateboards.

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