Monday night in Vancouver, Dickies and Menu got together to host a good-times jammer at a wall-worn curb spot. Slides were slid, grinds were ground, bodies were bodied, and paper was distributed. Below are some photos, and there's a video yet to come. —Joe Close

Dickies darkman Wes Loates breaks it off early with a Bluntslide, while Tyler Warren follows his lead.
Double-sided curbs lead to a lot of Noseslide Transfers. I think Skylar Kehr slapped this one down into a railslide on the way over.
Channeling the OG Tom Knox, Mickenzie Keller powers through a Frontside Hurricane.
British Tom swooshes through a Polar-powered Feeble.
Tyler Warren prepares to take a Noseslide into the bike lane.
A nice night, as they say.
Mickenzie hits the sizeable crack that just previously took out Mikey Ray and Skylar.
Ryan Lepore digs into a Front Crook.
Warren-T skerches a Bluntslide to close out our coverage.

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