The third annual Coping Bash went down last Saturday evening in Vancouver, and as expected based on the last two, it was a rager. As you can see below, space is tight up on the deck, but here are some of the best photos I came away with. —Jeff Thorburn

Spitfire James flying frontside over the pentagram hole.

Eve prepares to scoop his way out of a Nosepick on the hole.

Eve blasts a surprise Japan right into my face, as I fight back with flash power.

Sam McKinlay demonstrates how to bring a Blunt back in to fakie with a mix of elegance and power.

Trevor plants his back foot and pisses into the wind before heading back into the ramp.

Tristan Henry goes full Fat Wreck Chords punk with a Pro-Per Backside Smith Grind.

The big winner of the night, Adam Gee, blazes on by...

and then returns for some Roast Beef.

Not to be out-done, Merrick Orr feathers a Tailgrab on his first pass...

and then tweaks the follow-up so hard he enters the aggro zone.

Stevie D knows that Frontside Airs are as timeless as ramp jams themselves.

Adam Gee's tail makes a move on my flash, just as his left foot starts to slip out, but we all came away unscathed. Thank goodness for waffle soles and sort-of-cat-like reflexes.

The literal poster boy for the event, James Clarke, doing his best to top last year's FSA.

Jeff Muirhead made this coffin/lader/giant parking block obstacle for best trick, and came away with the much sought-after hippy jump. Adam Gee shut it down after, but you'll see that photo in the next issue of the mag.

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