Full name: Ryan Alexander DesRoches

Age: 18

Hometown: Southwest Scarborough, Pharmacy Avenue. 

Sponsors: Blue Tile Lounge, Vans, Polar, Skate Loft, Axel Griptape, Easy Bolts, Dirté Design Co. 

Dream sponsor: Swiss Chalet would be pretty epic. Or maybe Termite. 

Favourite class in school: Not too many that I liked honestly, but I went to an alternative school to finish grade 11 and 12 and I took math for everyday life and Travel & Tourism. That was pretty tight. It's a lot easier to like a course that you actually might use after school. 

Favourite trick: Fakie Big Flips on flat and Nollie Backside Big Spins in transition—under the coping though. It's really hard to choose one. 

Board setup: 7.6” Micky Papa Almost board, purple Tensors with the hollow kingpin and extra-soft Doh Doh's, Bones Swiss ceramics, 56mm Ricta wheels, Axel Griptape, and Torey Pudwill Diamond hardware; the ones that come in the plastic weed grinder. 

Plans for 2018: Hopefully going to LA in January to finish filming for this BTL video. It would be tight to make it to Europe at some point. 

Tell us your best story: I watched John Lennie Switch Laser the two-stair inside BTL today, it was pretty insane and probably better than any story I could have told you.

No-Comply shot by Jeff Comber

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