Full name: Reiley Gerard Booth 

Age: 22

Hometown: Barrie, Ontario 

Sponsors: Souldiers Skate Shop 

Dream sponsor: I guess Creature would be my dream board sponsor, but I will say I've been loving these Latchkey boards that have been in the shop lately. Creature is the shit though. Emerica for shoes, and of course Bones and Indy for the other stuff.

Favourite class in school: Music. I played the trumpet and killed it. 

Favourite trick: I love Tre flips.

Board setup: Right now I'm riding an 8.375” Latchkey, and aside from a shop deck here and there, I rode nothing but Latchkey all season. For trucks, 149 black Creature Indys, some people say I ride loose, some say I ride tight. I’ve got 54mm Bones I don't remember whose wheel; it was maybe Leticia’s. Diamond hardware with two white ones on the nose. 

Plans for 2018: I plan on working and skating, hopefully more street and filming. I have next to no footage.

Tell us your best story: The story that pops into my head right away be a couple years ago at Souldiers indoor park in Orillia. My good buddy, Ryan Gosselin, and I were the only ones there so it was a rad session just going back and forth. We ended up moving this bench that looks like it was taken from the street to the a-frame, and set it up so we could hit the top of the back-rest like a rail. After seshing it for a bit, he demanded I do a Tre flip Lipslide on it, and you know when your eyeing something up and it's like, "Fuck no," you’re positive you will just eat shit? But Goss wasn't having it; he took my beer and smokes away and wouldn't give anything back until I tried one. I ended up landing it second try, and just going from being convinced there is absolutely no way I'll land it to getting it so fast made me realize how big the mental game is, like we all know it's huge but it runs real deep. Just the timing of that day as well—times were fucking crazy, definitely the hardest time period of my life, and that whole situation just ended in a big instant bang. It was like instant relief shortly after that session, and that epiphany just sparked a fire in me and I've been progressing real fast ever since. So, I guess that’s my best or most memorable story, as far as skateboarding at least. And Ryan Gosselin is the shit. 

Kickflip shot by Nathan Stripp

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