Coming Up: Kyler Hale

Full name: Kyler David Field Hale

Age: 17 years old

Hometown: Mission, B.C.

Sponsors: The Boardroom

Favourite trick to do: It would have to be a Frontside Grind but my favourite trick to watch would be inverts!

Board set-up: Right now it's an 8.25" Habitat with 149 Thunder Trucks, 54mm Spitfire wheels, Bones bearings and Mob grip.

Plans for 2017: Getting out of Mission and moving out to Vancouver.

Tell us a story: The other night I was cruising the back roads of Mission in the middle of a snow storm around 3am with my homie in the passenger and a couple chicks in the backseat. I was going too fast around a pretty sharp corner, lost traction and drifted my car into a huge snowbank. I got my front end completely stuck in the snow and couldn't get out with my front wheel drive. Out of no where my homie Akash happens to come around the corner in his mom's SUV, so we hold up a spare tire next to the back of my car and my homie literally smashes into it to push me out of the snow. Everyone got home safe and my car left the scene with only a couple minor dents.

Video filmed and edited by Angelo Fajardo

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