Coming Up: Jayden Prescott

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Coming Up: Jayden Prescott

Full name: Jayden Lucius Prescott

Age: 23

Hometown: Nanaimo, BC

Current location: Victoria, BC

Sponsors: Cake Supply Co., HTO Skate Shop 

Dream sponsor: Patagucci

Favourite class in school: Cooking, because we were always eating good and the chongos were too busy taking Gym class.

Favourite trick: Fakie Coffin

Board setup: Polar 8.5”, Indy 149s, Bones STF, Bronze hardware

Plans for 2017: Drink 365 cups of coffee and hopefully see Europe!

Tell us your best story: Last summer P-Stone and the Bru-Ray crew came through Victoria. They ended up staying in my friend’s backyard. They brought a keg and we brought a party. I ended up giving P-Stone a 250 stick-n-poke tattoo on his arm. My friend’s girlfriend ended up giving Cory Kennedy cashew salad, not knowing that he's allergic to cashews.

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