"The homies and I were skating this pretty secluded park. I had to take a dump and I went into the men's room but it was filthy, so I went and used the women's, thinking no one would see. While I was in there, I heard someone come in and sit in the stall next to me. I presumed it was one of my homies. I farted extra loud and looked under the stall too see who had heard and made eye contact with some random Asian lady!"

Backside 50-50. Stripp

Full name: Cody Beaudry

Age: 24

Hometown: Mississauga, Ont.

Sponsors: None

Dream sponsor: Zero Skateboards

Favourite class in school: Gym

Favourite trick: 50-50

Board setup: Zero deck, Independent trucks, Bones wheels, Reds bearings

Plans for 2017: Get buck while filming for my new video part

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