Bokma Day 2024


This year's memorial for Justin was incredibly special for me and the entire skate community.

Led by Josh Singal, we decided to do something unique at Bickford near Christie Pits to commemorate Justin's legacy. Josh came up with the idea of installing a new rail on the big four, which was a serious upgrade to the spot.

                                                          Wes and Josh

The turnout was amazing; we had around 400 people show up to support and skate. It was incredible to see everyone come together to honor Justin and session the new feature.

This project not only strengthens our community bonds but also ensures that Justin's impact continues to resonate through skate culture.

The new rail is more than just a skate feature; it's a symbol of Justin's influence and the spirit of innovation within our community. It's inspiring to see how skateboarding can unite people and create lasting tributes like this one.

Here's to Justin's legacy living on through projects like these. #BOKMAFOREVER

-By Wes Loates


Varney, ready to pay up 


Rail is the perfect height


Legends all around



Ben had a rough start


But that didnt faze him


Jalen Baisden


Jason Gibson, boardslide kick flip out


Jon Cos, back smith


Jordan Meyers, Tailslide frontside 270 out


Pimpin' ain't easy


Jovaughn Webster


Mo money mo problems


Luke Schering


 Kellen vibin'


Jon channeling his inner Jordan Hoffart


Aaron Gerrett, boardslide frontside kick flip out





All photos by Dan Mathieu
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