Photos by Ryan Lebel

After skating in long johns on salted roads all winter in Halifax, it wasn’t hard to convince the boys to hop in the car for 12 hours with the promise of Montreal’s cheap beer and smooth ledges. Since it was the first chance for a few of the guys to skate in Montreal, the enthusiasm was high to cover the most ground possible. With the help of Jake Cormier, we managed to navigate the city fairly easily from spot to dép. Aside from his lens hit, requiring some early morning camera repairs, Jake made sure we checked the spots off our lists. With the eagles screaming in the city for 10 days, the weird bets and hammers were flying. —Josh Sullivan

David Wambolt, Backside 50-50
Ryan Wilkie, 180 Nosegrind
Ryan MacArthur, Crooked Grind
Bob Tape.
Ryan MacArthur, Smith Grind

Watch "Bobtapes Vol. 5" here.

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